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By popular request we now offer a Reserved Parking Space in the front parking lot.

Our multifunctional studio space is suitable for various types of projects, including photography, video, music, both commercial and student projects.

We are located in Southwest Berkeley, accessible from Ashby BART station. It takes only about 15-20 minutes to drive from San Francisco Civic Center to our place.

SRGK Studio is spacious with high ceilings and white cyclorama. It’s big enough for most use cases and can accommodate a group of about 10 people. We also can provide you with a place to organize catering or lunch for the crew.

Dimensions: 15’10” x 29’10” studio space, total 500 sq.ft.


We have built our futuristic three-walled white cyclorama to provide photographers and cinematographers with a new creative tool. In addition to the white cyc we have black, grey, and chromakey green motorized backdrops and additional paper backdrops to be used with c-stands.

We clean up the studio after every client, so you can be sure the floors and the cyclorama will be waiting for you nice and pretty.

Dimensions: 10′ wide x 8′ deep (usable floor).

Regular studio rent price (equipment included) $60/hour

Professional services (in addition to studio time)

Consulting/Setup/Filming: $90/hour

Photography services (studio time included)

3 retouched photos (1 hour session, 200-300 photos taken): $200 (ready in 2 weeks)

Equipment included (no extra charges):


White three-walled cyclorama
Green muslin backdrop for chromakey shoots (with motorized roller system & remote control)
Black 107”-wide paper roll background (with motorized roller system & remote control)
Gray 107”-wide paper roll background (with motorized roller system & remote control)
Green 107”-wide paper roll background
Blue 107”-wide paper roll background
Cream 53.5” -wide paper roll background
Pink 53.5” -wide paper roll background

You can also bring your own paper roll backgrounds or backdrops and use them with the c-stands.


Neewer 18″ Dimmable Ring Light 5500K for Portraits 75W (600W incandescent equivalent) (Daylight)
2x Kinoflo-style LimoStudio 220W (1000W incandescent equivalent) 4-Bank Barndoor Lights 5600K (Daylight)
2x LED Panels 450W (4500K / 3200K)
2x StudioFX 28″x20″ Softbox 325W (1500W incandescent equivalent) 5500K (Daylight)
2x Lowell Omni 650W (Tungsten)
Lowell Tota 500W (Tungsten)
LimoStudio 1k 1000W Fresnel (Tungsten)
2x Black lights (UV)
2x Dimmers


Lighting Filters
Color Gels
7x Light stands
2x C-stands
2x Grip heads,
2x Arms
Fog Machine
C47 (Clothespins)
Extension Cords
Power Boards

Shoulder Rig